Enn(Your) Ram  

Ramadurai R Kannan ( aka)  Enn Ram , has Nearly 20 years of experience in Information Technologies business worked with various prestigious clients like GE, Citibank, TUV, Vodafone, SVB etc. Before taking fulltime business, headed Mobile Specialized Group of MNC who has 70 people across India and developed their global business development & implementation plan.


Quick Intro

Enn Ram With Motto of Giving Back to the World, Vast Experience in Enabling & Empowering Individuals, Business , Operational and Technical capabilities 

Empowering Enterprises and Universal Young Minds

With vast experience of Business, Operational and Technical capabilities, enabled many businesses to deliver effective results. Nearly 90% of operating cost reduction in business and 92% execution time reduction on process management. Started as developer, played various roles including knowledge management champion heading specialized group such as Bigdata & Analytics, datawarehouse testing. Headed Mobile Delivery Group before stating full time business since 2014

Involved in Business Development Activities and capabilities building in Big data and Analytics. Involved in many business dealings since 2010 to build MNC in Careers building, Media Management and Information Technology development companies in USA and India. Presently focusing on new business models which includes MNCs, local & global business for individuals and nonprofits. 


Expert in Business Dealings 


Cost and Quality Management 


Operations and Delivery Optimization 


Assured Results & Long Term Customer Retention 


Mentoring and Career Advise 



Career Progress 

Apr 2014 Onwards

Entreprenuer and

Brought many clients and Business partners to work effectively to deliver best results. Also volunteered few nonprofits.Added values to their business and services to reach their objectives and visions. 

Till Apr 2014

As Employee with various Roles 

Delivered 92% optimized solution proposed with software licenses of clients & vendor management supports. Value added results at many onsite trips to USA & local clients. As Practice lead, built many capabilities & developed key accounts including developing global business delivery & implementation plans. Download Reference Letters


Masters in Infomation Technology

Completed M.S.I.T in 2003 
B.Sc( Maths ) in 2000 

On Social Media


Business and Technical Consulting

Full day ( 8 Hours) 


Half Day ( 4 Hours)




Mentoring and Career Advise

Mentoring Per Year

per every year
  • Dedicated 8 hours per month
  • Goal Definition to Delivery
  • Business Connection on Progress

Career Advise

per sitting
  • Maximum 1 hour
  • Analysis and Advise 
  • Support as necessary 

Non-Profits Grants

per Implementation
  • Eligibility Check 
  • Obtaining Tech Grants
  • Connection to Campaigning

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